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Vu launches two 4K HDR and two 4K Curved Android Smart TVs in its luxury range, starting at 1 lakh rupees

Vu launches two 4K HDR and two 4K Curved Android Smart TVs in its luxury range, starting at 1 lakh rupees

by adminNovember 23, 2016

The technology of Vu has expanded the TV lineup by launching the new UHD curved TV. With the models of curved TV, US company now has brought the limited and premium edition of UHD TV.

Vu has brilliant 4K TVs available in the segment of mid-budget and now this company also has upgraded their luxury array of Televisions through the 4 new set of Televisions – among which 2 are the 4K HDR as well as two others are 4K Curved Android which are based on the Smart TVs.

Let us have a look on new TVs:



The 4K TVs that sport Pixelight HDR or also known as High Dynamic Range Technology usually comes in about 65-inch size of screen and 75-inch of screen sizes. It is the HDR technology which is well combined with the resolution of 4K and this will offer a wonderful experience of viewing to users. This 75-inch of 4K HDR TV even supports the technology of 3D. This 4K HDR TVs generally runs the Opera OS and it have ports of 4 HDMI, 3 USB ports along with the Netflix as well as shortcut button of YouTube on the Remote.

The HDR of 65-inch 4K Smart TV get priced at about Rs. 1,56,000, on the other hand 75-inch of HDR 3D with 4K Smart TV is even priced at about Rs. 3,00,000.

The Pixelight HDR technology has a power of about 10.6 billion of colors. This enhances the true brightness range which also enhances the brightest as well as the darkest parts of this picture, and it also brings us much wider array of the color. It even pictures the entire details and offers the users with incredible high quality of images.

Vu Curved TVs:


Vu has also tried the hands upon the Curved Television Technology along the 2 new TVs that are available in 55-inch as well as 65-inch of the screen sizes. The 4K UHD series of Vu Curved offers the wider field about the view for some great sense of the depth as well as immersive viewing experience. This Curve range utilizes the technology of Wide Colour Enhancer Plus to remarkably enhance the image quality through expanding various colour spectrums, along with intensifying the different shades to create true natural colors with the tones of subtle display. The series of Curved UHD starts with wonderful viewing experience through 4K resolution which is producing the stunning details as well as vibrant colors that ensure the visuals look that are life-like. Such Curved with 4K smart TVs also run on the Android 5.1 Lollipop.

The Curved 4K Smart TV of 55-inch is well priced for Rs. 1,00,000 and 4K Smart TV 65-inch Curved is also priced for Rs. 1,80,000.

All such 4K smart TVs perfectly are powered by the Quad core processor which is meant for the better processing as well as for the quick multitasking. The perfectly new 4K HDR Smart TVs now are available on the online shopping portal Flipkart. On the other hand, the Curved 4K Smart TVs would even be available at stores from October.

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