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(Solved) – Metro apps not getting Internet access Windows 8/8.1

(Solved) – Metro apps not getting Internet access Windows 8/8.1

by adminSeptember 9, 2016

Lots of people may find problem with the Metro Applications in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 like most of their Metro Applications cannot get access to the Internet even when their Internet connection is running properly in all their desktop applications. Well, we have digged the internet deeper to find the solution of this problem. We have found different threads on several forums and the same problem is conversed in Microsoft’s personal forum however their experts couldn’t provide the best solution for this problem. But after all the research and investigation, we got the easiest solution to this problem. Let’s have a look at the solution.
Well, the solution to this frustrating problem is very simple. You just need to install a software called as Fiddler. This software is basically a tool which is used for debugging and this can solve your problem. The basic reason behind this situation is that, Windows 8 or 8.1 blocks applications from making use of internet access due to some security reasons. If you use Fiddler, you can give the Internet connection to all your Metro applications.

Steps to follow-

1. Download and install Fiddler software from the trusted link.
2. When the installation is done, just open the program, you will get a screen and there you will find the option Win8 Config on top left corner.
3. Click on Win8 Config, you will get another screen and there you will need to click on Exempt All. By doing this all your application will work fine.



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