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Latest WhatsApp Features you need to check out!

Latest WhatsApp Features you need to check out!

by adminDecember 2, 2016

In today’s world, technology has changed the entire meaning of Communication. The drastic transformation in technology has taken place from past few years. Letters has changed to SMS, SMS has been replaced by instant Messaging, E-mail has taken place of paper documents, distance has become ni because of video calls and voice calls.

Among the broad range of apps, one of the most popular and commonly used app is WhatsApp globally. It has over 1 Billion active users in the whole world. It keep updating its feature since from its launch to stand out of the crowd. Recently, it has introduced its so many latest features such as video calling, quotes reply, formatting message and many more.

Here we are listing all the updated features of whatsApp and step-by-step guide for you to use them effectively.

Video Calling

Distance means nothing when we can connect to each other through Video call. After successfully implementing its voice call feature, WhatsApp has introduced its new easy to use video call feature.

To make a video call, user have to open the conversation chat, you will se a call button on the right top corner, hit that button to place a video call. You will get two options, namely, voice call or video call. You can simply click on video call, and can easily connect with your friends and family.

While the call is going on, you can easily switch between the front camera and back camera, mute the call, or hang up the call by simply pressing the red button. It also provides you safety and security by the means of encryption, which means no third-party could see your conversation at all.


The Mention feature offers you to specifically mention any of your friend from your contact list as in case of Facebook or Twitter, to refer someone in a group chat. This is one of the most useful feature of WhatsApp specially when we want to address someone in a group chat.

To mention someone, you just need to type the “@” symbol in a group chat box, and you will see a pop-up box, from there you can select any of your contact which you want to refer. When you will send that message in a group, a notification will be send to the peronto whom you have addressed.

Quotes Reply

Quotes Reply is one of the most powerful feature of WhatsApp since it allows you to bring more visual clarity. It is now become easy for you to mark whom you are referring or what you meant. It brings more convenience in a group chat.

When replying in a fast conversation along with so many individual messages, things usually get a bit confusing. The quote reply feature will help you to reply to a particular message which was sent before 30-40 messages.

To quote a message, you just need to select that particular message, by pressing the message. After which few options will appear on the top including symbol to reply, Starr, Delete, Copy as well as Forward symbols.

You have to choose Reply from the menu, your message will contain a full quote of the message.Once you select the reply option, you can easily write your message and it will be previewed as a separate message. Just tap the Send button. Your message will automatically include the content of reply in a small box with the actual message.

Doodle On Images

WhatsApp has now launched the image doodling feature which will allow you to add some fun. The doodles, and highlighted text will make visual communication better. This new feature allows to draw on images and videos, write text with many colors and fonts. This can be done by 3 methods simply by adding – Emojis, Text and Scribbling.

Emojis – There are a broad range of emoticons available to choose from. Insert your photo, superimposes them on face and make a funky image.

Text tool – you can use the T button to write any text over the images. Select the T button from the menu, choose the colour and simply write your message.

Pencil Button – you can write over your images with this tool. Select the Pencil button, choose the colour and simply write over your images.

In case you don’t want the emoji you have placed, you can easily discard the changes or undo them simply by using back button.

Formatting Messages:

Formatting message feature allows you to make any changes to your messages. Which means you can edit your text in bold, italics and strikethrough manner.

To make a text Bold, inset asterisks to any side of your text, like, *bold*, to make italics text , use underscores, such as, _italics_, and to make a text strikethrough, use tildes like, ~tilde~.

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