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iPhone 8 With No Home Button! Following Features Define The Future Of iPhones

iPhone 8 With No Home Button! Following Features Define The Future Of iPhones

by adminNovember 24, 2016

A steady rumor about iPhone 8 reveals that Apple is going to remove home button from the upcoming sets. 2017 would witness Apple celebrating the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Apple would surely make a ground breaking launch in the upcoming year. What we are expecting is iPhone 8. Based on the rumors, we have compiled the features iPhone 8 is going to contain. We have already mentioned one while the others are astonishing too. There will be no alteration in the designs of three models coming after iPhone 7 according to our analysts. A few tweaks will however be made by the giant. Here are few rumor based features.

iPhone 8 with No Home button

The feature in discussion is the upcoming iphones would not contain any home button. If you are an iphone user, it may be impossible for you to imagine iPhone without home button. Let’s discuss the functions that home button performs for you. It unlocks your phone. Press once to make an exit from any app. Press twice to enable multitasking. Press and hold to connect to Siri.

When no home button would be there, what thing will be performing all these tasks? The no-home button rumor is seen to be coupled with Apple integrating Touch ID directly into the screen. It is said that Qualcomm’s Sense ID will detect fingerprints. However, the giant may also introduce iris scanning feature in iPhone 8. The feature was earlier employed by Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Microsoft Lumia 950XL. Do not confuse iris scanners with face detectors. This feature works different and remain enabled even in dark.

Rest of the features

If no home button would be there, Apply may take two approaches- giving home button on screen like Android phones do or creating a gesture based interface. If you will get home button to tap on screen then the multifunctionality can be performed with this software home button too. We are wondering about how the on-screen software home button will detect the difference between single tap, double tap, tap and hold. Right now it is done by the circular capacitive ring surrounding the home button. The dedicated button on screen may also be preceded by a back button to go back and that would make the task little easier than now.

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