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Best low-budget VR Headsets

Best low-budget VR Headsets

by adminSeptember 8, 2016

It is well known that after era of touchscreen phone, the new dawn is now in, which will be about the Virtual Reality. It is an artificial atmosphere created with the software and presented in a way that user suspends their belief and accepts them as an actual environment.

The Technology of VR has been now buzzing around entire industry from many years, and big players such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR have indicated VR headsets might come with the huge price tag. Though, after the launch of the Google’s Cardboard many other manufacturer of electronic products have start to launch their brand of VR headset at the highly competitive price.

1. Zebronics ZEB VR:


The headset of ZEB-VR was introduced a few months ago for about INR 1,600 in India, though it is now well priced at about INR 1,247 and it is also exclusively accessible on Snapdeal and other online shopping platform. The headset usually has thick memory with foam padding for additional comfort, and also has adequate size for the wearing of glasses in most comfortable way for quite long time. It also comes with the switch of magnet toggle that has the ring of metal neodymium and the ceramic disc that allows you interact with mobile phone having the VR application.

Any other phone with the screen size varying from about 4.5-inch to about 6-inch would perfectly fit in this, and so you are also rest assured of the decent quality of the product which is worth of its price. It usually measures about 190 x 160 x 105 mm with the weight of 103 g.

2. Ant VR:


It was launched with Lenovo K4 Note during earlier months, and it also come bundled along with smartphone merely at the cost of about INR 500. Though, later it got independently launched for INR 1,299.

The headset, Ant VR comes with great build quality that supports the phone sizes beginning from 4.5 – 6 inches, along with lenses which offer 100 degree of field for making them best experience of VR in this market. It may even be used with the reading glasses and also weighs about 160 g. Though, lack of the sensors for motion tracking will never feel the true experience of the VR that is a great concern while buying the VR headset. Moreover, as it does not get packed completely from sides, so there is good space for ambient light that might spoil VR experience. This is really great VR headset though comes with their limitations, however if you are fine with this, it may be a wonderful choice.

3. GetCardboard VR Headset (inspired by Google Cardboard):


It is Inspired from Google cardboard, as GetCarboard is among cheapest VR headset available in India which give you near for complete and awesome VR experience which is priced at INR 190 at online stores like Amazon, this headset is designed from the laminated cardboard sheet as well as comes with the nose cushion, with the magnetic trigger as well as adaptable head strap. The headset VR is well compatible with the Android 4.1 as well as above iOS 5. Though, for using the entire functionality of the VR headset, phone should have the sensors such as Gyro sensor, magnetometer, proximity sensor and compass. This Headset will fit in 5.5 inches of the smartphone with the best priced available at Amazon. When you haven’t ever experienced the Virtual Reality, headset will be a great choice however gets them clear, it also made ‘cardboard’ and will not last long, this is even much uncomfortable.



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