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Best Gamepad for Android

Best Gamepad for Android

by adminSeptember 9, 2016

From the time when, Smartphones comes in our life, our life is much simpler than part. Almost any type of work we can complete with the help of these Smartphones. If comes to gaming and entertainment on smartphones then they have become popular, efficient and simple. You will feel surprised to know that famous gaming industries are now focusing on Smartphone. But, hardcore gamer can’t deny this truth that they will miss moving their fingers on controllers, because smartphone controllers are delicate and we can’t press glass very hard. Well, there are some companies there are planning for same, and launching Gamepads in the market.
These are wireless controller compatible with you mobile device or smartphone OS. You can freely use these to enjoy your games on Smartphone. Here is a best Gamepad for android:

Best Gamepad for Android:


The concept of Gamepad in India is not much famous, and possibly there are not some good options. But Gamepad of Amkette’s Evo is surely the best available controller in the country. The company launched its first controller in the previous year acknowledged as Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro, but currently the firm has started the gamepad of 2nd generation.
Gamepad Pro 2 of Amkette’s Evo for Android available in early February was an immediate hit in between the gamers. The controller available in enhanced clamp spring for safe, easy and suitable docking of your gadget and can perfectly fit up to 6-inches of gadget without any tension. The controller is friendly with more than 400 available games on Play store and the application of company offers list off the entire games available in this categories.
This controller is available only in black color and comes with micro-USB charging cable, tablet stand, and Bluetooth 3.0 supports. It is absolutely available on Amazon website for just 2,599 INR.

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