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Best Bluetooth Speaker under 1500 Rs

Best Bluetooth Speaker under 1500 Rs

by adminSeptember 8, 2016

If you are a gadget freak person so you always wish to add a great category of cool gadgets that cloud add to the collection that may also show off among the friends also, you may make really great use of it. However, the main important thing is, you will never find the kinds of most attractive and appealing gadgets quite simply. However, what is use of the gadgets that are really good but are much heavy on pocket also??

Below given is the awesome gadget which you can never refuse to purchase even when you wish for a window shopping. Now, jokes apart, this is really a beauty along with useful gadget for less than 1,500 INR. When you buy this, you may party with the friends at any place and at any time.

Reconnect RABSB2402 Bluetooth Speaker (1,500 Rs):


You may talk about their size, which is really small with height of 5 cm and width of 6 cm . Below given are some of the awesome features offered by the product:


  • Wireless speaker
  • Awesome quality sound
  • Microphone
  • Super bass
  • Button to attend the call
  • Hands free call
  • Music
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Chargeable battery
  • Jack of 3.5 mm

This is really small that you may easily carry them in pocket but high quality of sound that it creates allows you to party anywhere. Take this to your college and surprise your friends by playing the music loud and that also wireless!

It has completely amazing bass. It is design in most stylish way. Their metallic grey structure offers you with the feel of holding really cool device!

What more? The wonderful experience to watch movies on android phone truly increased with the high quality speaker that you can easily carry anywhere.

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