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Apple To Release iPhone 7 Today: 10 Things To Know

Apple To Release iPhone 7 Today: 10 Things To Know

by adminSeptember 7, 2016

Today, Apple is going to launch its latest range of iPhone which is Apple iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s have a look at 10 most important things about the device which you should know –

  1. You will barely see the difference between iPhone7 and iPhone 6 in terms of looks.
  2. There is no Headphone Jack in iPhone7.
  3. iPhone7 is waterproof.
  4. iPhone7 has a dual camera set up means 2 12mp rear cameras to record videos in 4K resolution.
  5. Its zooming feature enables you to 10xzoom with no loss of quality.
  6. iPhone 7 is expected to accompany 2GB RAM.
  7. iPhone 7 is a powerhouse of performance as it have 6-core beast processor.
  8. Long battery life compared to iPhone 6s plus iPhone 6s plus.
  9. The Screen appends a splash of best quality colors.
  10. The iPhone 7 with 256GB, 128GB, and 32GB would cost about Rs. 71,250, Rs. 61,200, and Rs. 53,000 respectively.


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iPhone7 Launching today


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