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5 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo under 1500 Rs

5 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo under 1500 Rs

by adminSeptember 9, 2016

Mouse and Keyboard are important part of our computer but if your computer is old and you still depending on the old technique mouse and keyboard. Now it is the best time to be advanced! Choose wireless mouse and keyboards that permits you greatest mobility and comfort, they permit you to use your computer while you are roaming in room.
So in this part, here we are providing you list of 5 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos at price of under 1,500 Rs.

1. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo:


It is top in our list because of its distinctive features and good specs. Wireless keyboard of Microsoft is packed with 2x AAA Alkaline batteries. Microsoft wireless mouse comes with a 2x AA Alkaline batteries that provides a durable life of battery for 15 months. It fully supports Windows XP and more than this, even you can use these on Mac 10.4 OS and above. As per on wireless technology 2.4 GHz, it has a safe snap-in transceiver. In case there is almost no interference you can practice most consistent connection from 30 feet. A few other characteristics in it contain simple access hot keys, fast access to normally used tools, and an indicator of battery life. This combo is available with 3 years of warranty.

2. HP Classic Desktop LV290AA Wireless Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse Combo:


A wonderful combo provided by HP comes with 2 position adjustable heights and 4 AAA batteries for user’s convenience. You can use this combo on Windows XP and higher versions OS. It has 14 different one touch keys to calculator, my computer, etc which contains 5 keys for controlling multimedia functions. The wireless keyboard classic styled and mouse is completely based on wireless 2.4GHz technology that provides a tension free connectivity. Weighs is 520 g of wireless keyboard while weighs 80g is of mouse. This combo comes with warranty of 3 years in India and it is available in black color at just 1,336 INR.

3. Dell KM113 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo:


It is the inventor in making computer hardware, so this combo is a best to be in our list. Wireless keyboard is available with 2 AAA Alkaline batteries and can offer a sturdy life of 12 months and its mouse with wireless technology available with 1 AA Alkaline battery that can sustain till 6 months. Compatible with Windows XP and more than this, it is depend on highly developed wireless 2.4 GHz technology, the keyboard is armed with hot access 14 instant keys while mouse has 1000 dpi cursor tracking speed. The wireless keyboard has resilient life with 5 million keystrokes. Keyboard has just 550 g weight and mouse has approximately 71 g.  This combo is available with 1 year of warranty.

4. Logitech MK 240 Mouse & Wireless Keyboard Combo:


It is the most colorful and stylish combo available in the market. The keys in laptop style on comfy mouse and comfy keyboard makes it best in our list. It does not have a separate NumPad so it is coming in the number 4 position, if you wish a compact keyboard then absolutely you must go with it. The wireless mouse and keyboard is completely based on wireless 2.4 GHz technology that gives reliable 33 feet connectivity. Keyboard is coming with 2x AAA batteries that provide 24 months battery life and mouse is available with 2x AA batteries that have 12 months battery life.

5. Intex Duo 605 Wireless USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo:


This combo is based on wireless 2.4GHz frequency that provides reliable 30 feet connectivity. This combo is available with 2 x AAA battery and the 1200 dpi mouse tracking speed. It is best for Windows XP OS and higher versions; even you can use this combo on Mac 10.4 and higher OS. This inexpensive Intex Duo 605 combo is available in market with 1 year of warranty. This combo is available in black color and you can get this at just 974 INR on Flipkart.

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