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5 Best Portable Speakers under 2000 Rs

5 Best Portable Speakers under 2000 Rs

by adminSeptember 8, 2016

Music lovers always wish to stay well in touch with the music, when they are on a tour, when they went campaigning along family or friends or when they are to the weekend gateway. At this time loud and appealing music will certainly put the feet to always move on but, you will not carry home theatre and computer woofers at these places where the power source might not be available. For these situations the boom-box and portable speakers are invented.

The Portable speakers when they are completely charged are always ready to serve with the sound through FM, bluetooth devices, audio jack and also microSD cards as well as the pen drives. Hence we have now sorted most recognized as well as much powerful speakers which are handy and portable.

Below mentioned are 5 Best Portable Speakers under 2000 Rs:

1. JBL GO portable speaker:


The speaker is available in Blue, Red, Orange and Black JBL GO has certainly made them to top of list for their brand name and superior quality of sound. The unit channel speaker generally features the volume controls along with the bass controls. JBL GO also has the rechargeable built-in of 600 mAh with the lithium-ion battery that needs 2 hours for recharging time and once it is completely charged will give about 5 hours of the nonstop music that offers RSM or the sound output power of 1 x 3 Watts. They even has the 3.5mm of auxiliary input for connect the device with the output of headphone, and even Bluetooth connectivity that provide the high-quality of music streaming through the devices such as smartphones. The tablet speaker is also well compatible with iOS as well as Android. However, built-in speaker even has noise and echo cancellation technology that allows taking calls expediently.

2. Zebronics BT-035 Spaceship Speaker:


Zebronics BT-035 spaceship speaker was launched during the month of June in this year. It is definitely the highly beautiful product available in the category. It is a Black color speaker that features the wonderful rainbow disco lights and it is sleek with unique texture of crystal with stable rubber grip. They come with the inbuilt microphone, control of volume; hands-free, button for media control, and switch to on and off the rainbow light. The pack of portable speaker of 1050 mAh battery that takes about 3 hours for charging the time through DC 5V and also gives about 3 hours again back to maximum volume. However, speaker of FM tuner has the sound output power that supports the updated 4.0 bluetooth version, which has the range of 10 meters. The speaker supports the microSD card and measures about 150 x 154 x 141mm which also weighs about 690 g. The speaker is available at online portals for Rs. 1,699.

3. Portronics Sublime II POR 137 Speaker:


It is the product of extreme high injection with moulded plastic through strong silicon rubber cover along with metallic grill. The Sublime packs the 2000 mAh with the rechargeable removable battery of lithium that offers 8 hours of the sound support. This speaker gives complete impedance of about 3 ohms along with RMS power output of about 9 W. Entire boom-box also has several options of connectivity like earphones, aux in, bluetooth and microSD card which is much supportable for 32 GB. They offer the crystal clear clarity sound along with the frequency response for 200hz. These are the portable speaker usually measures the 6.6 x 7.4 x 7.4 cm which even weighs about 898 g.

4. Zebronics BT-013 Dynamite Speaker:


The speaker offers a wonderful variety in the portable speakers so again they made a mark with the Zebronics BT-013 Dynamite speaker available in the list. The Dynamite packs for 800 mAh with the built-in battery through the charging time for 3 hours along DC input for 5V and provide playback time for minimum 4 hours in other mode.  They also have impedance of about 4 ohms as well as frequency response for 90 Hz-20 Hz. This bluetooth speaker also support the version V2.1+EDR  that generates output power of 3Wx2 which supports the call function, input of aux, FM as well as USB playback that support 32GB. This boom-box measures about 11.8 x 5.8 x 7.3 cm which also weighs about 349 g. It is also available for price of INR. 1,300.

5. Logitech X100 speaker:


This speaker comes in different bold colors; their chassis is also made up for the durable plastic. This is the portable speaker that has rechargeable lithium-ion for battery that offers 5 hours of the playback time. They also have impedance for 6 ohms that provides frequency response for 20Hz- 20000Hz. X100 that supports about 3.5mm of audio jack along with bluetooth connectivity. They generates output of about 10 W. It measures about 9.7 x 8.5 x 3.7 cm which also weighs about 163 g.

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