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5 Best Feature Phones under 2000 Rs

5 Best Feature Phones under 2000 Rs

by adminJanuary 1, 2018

5 Best Phone under 2000 Rs – There are various mobile phone companies that has launched their feature phones under the range of 2000 rs. Well, such handsets are good for those people who have minimal requirements from their device and just want to get a phone to use an additional SIM card and make only phone calls. We have come up with top 5 feature mobile phones that has some basic features and that can suit the basic needs of users. If you are one of the people who want to buy a spare feature phone to make phone calls, surf the internet and listen to the radio or MP3 player, then simply read this article.

1. Nokia 130:

This handset is the great feature phone which is budget friendly and good for the fundamental use of receiving and making phone calls plus listening to songs. This device has great build quality and extremely light weight for a cheap phone. Its design is strong enough and can bear over numerous falls and can manage rough usage. The enlightened keypad seems pretty and the buttons are spaced wide-enough with no congestion. Similar to Nokia 108, this handset replicate the most costly Lumia series handsets from the past. This device has decent screen size at this price range. The daylight legibility is wonderful, and therefore the device doesn’t have any problem in the external spaces. This device has amazing battery life and simply can remain for 3 days as a minimum. This handset doesn’t have the problem related to voice leakage that occurs in most of the budget phones. It also poses a good clarity in sound.


2. Samsung Guru Music 2:


This feature handset sports 2 Inch display screen with finest resolution of 128×160 pixels. well, this Samsung handset under the price range 2000 rs is available with a brilliant single-core processor for operating the pre-installed application. This device consists of a slot for microSD card if you want to expand the storage space upto 16 GB. Samsung Guru Music 2 comes with a headphone jack coupled with a separate USB port. This budget friendly mobile phone has an 800 mAh battery that guarantees more than 650 minutes of decent talk-time. It has bearable weight, FM Radio, MP3 music player, plus many other useful features. Since Samsung Guru Music 2 mobile phone has GPRS facility, it supports the connectivity of Internet. This handset supports the connectivity option of DUAL SIM card. This device also has the facility of Bluetooth and special call features like call forwarding and call waiting.

3. Intex Feel:


This is said to be the most suitable handset for those individuals who need all the features of a smartphone but low and limited in budget. This mobile phone is best for daily use as well as managing numerous social media networks because it has Firefox operating system installed. Most of the people find Intex feel attractive and pretty. This phone is created from plastic but has a good build quality. The back side of the phone contains a textured design to give a comfortable hold. Overall, the customers say that this phone doesn’t look cheap in any ways. People who are currently using this phone has said that this phone is durable as well as tough and easily crack or smash easily. The device has decent display and excellent color. Most of the customers of this mobile phone are happy with its display screen. However, the capacity of its battery is low and the same may disappoint you sometime. This mobile phone offers 1250 mAh battery which is just not sufficient to make your phone stay alive for long hours.

4. Nokia 105:


This device is worth buying option for Nokia lovers and people who are seeking the most fundamental reasonable device. Sadly, it has some drawbacks. This device is easy to grip and it has good build design as well as its body has matte finishing and therefore it avoids the scratches. The keypad of this phone is really great and has an easy dial pad. But some user said that the given arrow keys are slippery and they might press the wrong arrow key. This device has good looking back side which rather resembles Nokia Lumia series with minimal design and rounded corners. The screen of this device is quite small, and many users were upset with the screen size being smaller as compared to their expectations. It is really that small. This handset provides excellent Battery backup. As per the review of one user, with the sensible usage battery can last for 5 complete days.

5. Micromax Q25:


If you want to buy a phone that has QWERTY keypad under the price range of 2000 Rs then you can consider Micromax Q25 for once. This device has 2.2 inch display with the resolution of 220×176 pixels and QWERTY keypad. It is accessible with 0.3 MP primary camera and powered by 1150mAh battery that provides sufficient battery life upto 4 hrs of227 hrs of stand-by-time support and talktime support. It features 32 MB RAM and its memory can be extended up to 8GB through micro SD card. This is a dual SIM phone which is available in the price range of 1,595. This dual sim efficient device enables people to browse the internet via GPRS connectivity. They may also exchange documens via Bluetooth 2.0 when they want. This handset supports dual sim that carries some attractive specifications with nostalgic games for example, snakes to get entertained and long battery life.

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