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3 Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India

3 Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India

by adminSeptember 9, 2016

These days’ electronic devices and smartphones have turn into the vital part of our routine life. The fruition of mobile business has gone so far, these days’ mobile phones are very common; each and every person has a good quality smartphone. When you will search on the web, you will know these phones are available from 2,000 to 1, 00, 000 INR. People do not think regarding the smartphone’s price, they purchase any they want to purchase. Costly smartphone needs protection from theft or burglary.

So, are you sure your smartphone is protected from all these things? Still not, the only way to keep secure your costly smartphone is “Insurance”.

So take a look here at the 3 top mobile insurance companies in India.

1. Times Global Insurance:


This company cannot be acknowledged to many, but in our report, we found that this is the most trusted in field of gadget insurance. This company is based on Delhi offering insurance not just for mobile phones, but even for Laptops, Tablets, TV and some other electrical devices. This company offers complete cashless Insurance of unintentional damages or cracks in screen. They even pay 90% amount of your bills if you lost your device. The firm claims to give 24*7 client support and tension free claims. And in case you did not claim anything, they could also pay back your 25% and 50% premium amount in the period of 2 and 3 years plan separately. The firm has keen plans for expensive iPhones and 3 special plans for other brand’s smartphones. According to your Smartphone’s brand you can choose any plan that suits with your requirements. To get complete pricing details of different plans you can check here:

2. Syska Gadget Secure:


It is the most famous company for smartphone insurance in this list. The minor firm of Syska LED has violently promoted itself to be the most popular gadget insurance service provider. The Syska Gadget Secure offers insurance for Tablets, LED TV and smartphones. For tablets and smartphones, the firm has started 5 special plans. They begin start from 799 INR for devices which are charged between. 4,000 to 10,000 INR and moves up to 2,999 INR for gadgets that are cost between 30,000 to 1, 20, 000 INR. They permit insurance claims for damages, theft or loss. Aside from that, this company even offers some add-on programs such as Syska Total Security, Pocket Money, Videos, Hungama-Free Songs Magzter, Magazines and News. To get complete information about plans, you can visit:

3. Quick Heal Gadget Insurance:


This Insurance combined with New India Assurance Company offers insurance for only Android smartphones. This Insurance covers smartphones from burglary, theft, liquid, physical and fire damage. On the other hand, it even offers extra safety like mobile tracker, Virus protection, Cloud backup and intruder detection. The plans of this company differ from 599 INR to 2,499 INR as per upon the device price. The available plans here give claims to refunded with the amount guaranteed in your covers.
To get more information about available plans you can check:


There are even some other companies that are providing mobile insurance such as National Insurance Company, Appsdaily insurance,, Oriental insurance company, and but, the above discussed companies are best among all.

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